The Gratitude Project, powered by the Stober Foundation, empowers and elevates the generosity of people in our community who are quietly doing amazing things to help others and make the Okanagan Valley a truly wonderful place to live. 

Looking towards the helpers and those who give back without recognition, the Gratitude Project seeks to level up acts of service and generosity through matching donations to charities in honour of those who give back so selflessly. 

We want to elevate giving, uplift volunteers, and celebrate the “do gooders,” by capturing people at their best, cheering on their generosity through donations, and in turn inspiring others to continue to do the work of community building. 

Even the smallest of acts of kindness can make waves and have a huge impact!


GENEROSITY and GRATITUDE have long been central pillars of the Stober Foundation’s mission. The Gratitude Project is simply an extension of that but on a grassroots level.

What began as an idea bounced around at a coffee shop between Stober Foundation President, Ken Stober and Director, Keith Brewster, the Gratitude Project has evolved into a growing movement to inspire others and reward generosity. The Stober Foundation has set aside significant funding with gratitude in mind and is looking to invest it in our community and the people that make it so special.

The Stober family has always believed that serving others is the greatest investment you can make and it is a belief shared by the NowMedia Group, too. Their philanthropy has created this platform where we can read about amazing individuals in our community, while also nominating others who are working selflessly to make it a better place for all.

Our Stories

Donating Meals for Mamas

This local baker and business owner wanted to find a way to lighten the spirits of those in need during the especially difficult times of the last 2 years. How she did it was both creative and impactful! 


To read Madison’s touching story, click here.




A Trek for Tourette

Last summer, Cameron Kroker embarked on a Trek for Tourette to raise funds and awareness for Tourette Canada. 


To read his inspiring story, click here


Lifting Spirits of Hospitality Workers

As hospitality industry workers faced job uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic, Shayne and Nicole of Born to Shake found a creative way to lift their spirits, quite literally. 


To read their unique story, click here


Helping Patients One Heart at a Time

78-year old former patient Gail Lewis underwent triple bypass heart surgery and dedicated 16 years of her life helping others suffering from heart problems. Gail raised $58,800 and made about 100 phone calls and thank you cards.

To read more about her journey click here.

10 Millions Acts of Kindness

Crystal Flaman has her eyes on a lofty goal, 10 million acts of kindness. 1 million people committed to doing 10 acts of kindness for 10 strangers. Here’s how she’s going to make it happen.

To read Crystals’ inspiring story, click here.


650 Pullups in Honour of Turning 65

Meet inspirational 65-year old Terry Hanley, who just spent his birthday performing 650 pull ups as a way to raise awareness and funds for the YMCA gym.

To read Terry's story of inspiration, click here.


The Impact of Overcoming Adversity

After years of waiting on the donor list for a kidney, Patrick received a rare second shot at life. Now he is committed to giving back to others who are suffering. 

To read Patrick’s story of hope, click here. 



Turning Drone Flights into Meals for the Homeless

At just 12 years old, Ryker had the bight idea to check his parent’s roof for damage following a wind storm. Eventually, the whole neighbourhood enlisted him to do the same. He accepted payment in the form of donations which he passed along to Kelowna’s Gospel Mission. 

To read Ryker’s industrious story, click here. 


Do What you Love and Love What you do

Amaan Ali Khan, an international student in his 4th-year of physics at UBCO, found himself with some spare time on his hands after his classes moved online last year. 

What he choose to do with it, is truly heartwarming. 

To read Amaan's touching story, click here.


100km in Memory of Mom

After losing his mother to cancer, Oliver set out on a mission to raise funds for the Vernon Jubilee Hospital Foundation. 

Pledging to run 100km in 24 hours, Oliver designed a fundraising campaign that sought to bring people together, promote physical activity, and foster a culture of community in a time where so many feel isolated and distant from one another.

To read Oliver's story, click here.


Cleaning Up & Giving Back

Every summer Raymond and Barbara drive their ATVs through British Columbia’s beautiful backroads around the Okanagan and beyond.

While exploring, they pick up bottles and cans cleaning up the environment around them. But they don’t stop there, they turn in the cans and donate all the proceeds to Central Okanagan Search and Rescue (COSAR).

To read their story, click here.



Sharing the Spirit of Generosity

We all know about Instagram Giveaways.

Usually, giveaways work as an enticing way to gain more followers and create strong partnerships, but for Breanna Macdonald of Table Forty-Nine it seemed like a great method to raise money for a worthwhile cause.

To read Breanna's noble story, click here.


Sending 1,000 Love Letters to Isolated Seniors

It began with two sisters who had a small idea to make Valentine’s cards to give to local seniors on February 14th, but it grew into something much bigger than they could have imagined.

Jill Hotchkiss and Carla Temme have always practiced random acts of kindness in their family, so when it came to doing something special for Valentine’s Day showing up for elderly folks in the community who may be feeling isolated and alone seemed like the right fit.

To read this heartwarming story, click here.


A Little Holiday Magic Goes a Long Way

Jolene Iglesias saw a need in her community and just wanted to give back.

With a little help from friends, Jolene was able to collect donations and gifts to make Christmas extra special for families that needed it.

To read Jolene's magical story, click here.