This series will take you along on adventures as we head out to find all of the different activities and opportunities to truly experience the Okanagan. 

This episode of Experience the Okanagan, we went sledding in some of the deepest powder found in the Graystokes with M&M Performance. 


The ExperienceI have never seen that much snow in my life.

I thought I had seen snow before, growing up in the prairies. But the snow up on the mountain at the Graystokes snowmobile trails was unlike anything I have seen before. 

At one point my sled got stuck, and it took me 5 minutes to crawl out of the snowbank I had sank my sled into. It was crazy!

After a quick lesson on using the throttle, and a rip around the parking lot, we headed out on the trail!

There are over 200 km of trails in the area, that are all groomed and maintained daily to keep in mint condition. 

They wind between super tall, snow covered cedars, I literally thought I was riding in a postcard!

The RideAfter being on the trail for 45 mins, we got to an open lake where we had some fun.

With about seven feet of snow on top of this frozen lake, we had a lot of fun ripping through the deep powder and seeing how fast we could go.

I was riding on a long track sled, which is common for riders to use when sledding in the mountains. One of our team members rode on this super cool Timbersled or snow bike, that are apparently all the rage for off-season motocross racers. 

The team from M&M Performance joined us on the trail, and showed us some techniques on how to get your sled out of deep snow when you're stuck. (Thank god they were there to help!)

Just try it!If you get the chance, get on a sled!

Experiencing the snow and beautiful trails in the Graystokes snowmobile area was such a fun way to be up in the mountains but doing something different than hitting the slopes.

I'm not even a huge fan of snow, or winter in general, and I had an absolute blast!

Want to try it for yourself? Get in touch with the team at M&M Performance in Kelowna, and they can get you set up with anything that you're looking for. 

Kaz's 🌵🍉💛✨Okanagan Bucket List

☑   Helicopter to a snowy peak

  Snowmobiling in the Graystokes



I can't wait to head out on my next adventure! Any ideas what I should experience next? Leave me a comment!