This series will take you along on adventures as we head out to find all of the different activities and opportunities to truly experience the Okanagan.

This episode of Experience the Okanagan we spent the day checking out all of the amenities and activities that you can experience at Predator Ridge!


The Mountain Bike ExperienceThere is so much to do!

I had heard of Predator Ridge because of the two prestigious championship golf courses, but had no idea all of the other activities the area has to offer, plus all of the amenities included for the homeowners who live there!

We started the afternoon by hitting the trails with the pedal assist mountain bikes that are available to rent. If you have trouble getting up hills, this electric motor inside the bike gives you the push that you need. We were ripping through the designated 12.5 km of trails, and had an absolute blast! We made it all the way up to one of three yoga platforms that they have, and were overlooking the Ridge course and the lake, it was amazing!


The Golf Boarding ExperienceIt took me awhile, but I finally got the hang of it!

After working up a sweat on the bikes, we headed down to the Predator course to pick up our golf boards for a round. 

For someone who is not a 'board' person, it definitely took me awhile to get the hang of using my body weight to lean into the board to turn. We took the boards for a few spins around the parking lot and then hit the course! 

Golf boarding is a super fun way to make your next round of 18 more interesting, it almost feels like your surfing as you carve down the fairway to your ball. I eventually got the hang of it, after a few close calls, and weaved down the course with ease!

The Golf boards are available to use on the Predator Course only, and you should definitely book in advance as they are very popular!

You gotta try it!If you haven't been, take a day or weekend and enjoy!

After a long day of activities and venturing around, we sat down to a delicious meal, glass of wine in hand and sat out on the patio overlooking the course as the sun came down.

Whatever you're into, Predator Ridge has something for you. If you're a golf lover, you can choose from the Predator course or the Ridge course (or both!) to play an unforgettable 18. If you love to hike, there are 35+ km of well-maintained hiking trails. Loved our mountain bike experience? There are 12.5 km of mountain biking trails with a large fleet of bikes to rent. Came for the food? The Range Lounge and Grill has a great menu and has a patio overlooking the Predator course. There is also Pallino's Italian Bistro that serves up pizza, pasta and salads. And if you just want a snack, there is a full grocery (and liquor) store on site! Looking to get zen? There are three outdoor yoga platforms with incredible views that offer classes to purchase. 

Have I convinced you to stay the weekend? All the rooms in the lodge, plus the cottages and villas are luxurious suites to give you the space and amenities that you need.

Kaz's 🌵🍉💛✨Okanagan Bucket List

☑   Helicopter to a snowy peak

  Snowmobiling in the Graystokes

☑   Parasail over lake Okanagan

  Visit the Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm

  A day at Predator Ridge

   Hydro-Fly at Downtown Marina

□  Smile Cycle Tour through Kelowna

□  Weekend at Big White in the summer