This series will take you along on adventures as we head out to find all of the different activities and opportunities to truly experience the Okanagan.

This episode of Experience the Okanagan we took to the sky with Ogopogo Parasail to check out our beautiful city of Kelowna. 


The ExperienceWhat a gorgeous view!

I was lucky enough to see Kelowna from a helicopter a few months back, but this was my first time parasailing, and what an absolutely incredible way to see the lake, the bridge, and the mountains!

Again, my fear of heights kicked in while we were out on the boat getting strapped in, but was pleasantly surprised as to how smoothly we lifted into the sky. 

The team on the boat gave a great breakdown of what our experience would look and feel like, and they were very efficient with getting everyone strapped in, and safely back on the boat.

According to the team, there isn't much that can go wrong when parasailing, so as much as it's an adrenaline rush, you're pretty safe. (I'm still hesitant. I mean have you ever seen Jurassic Park 2?!)

The RideYour own private viewing of the lake!

I found it very surprising as to how quiet it was floating through the sky. Normally at the height I am in a plane or helicopter with a loud engine, but parasailing was so peaceful.

This was a tandem parasail, so two people could go at once and it was so nice to be able to take in the sights from so high up with nobody else around!

The ride was about 10 minutes long, cruising around the lake north of the Bennett Bridge. It was a bright, sunny morning and wow did Kelowna ever look beautiful. The marina was bustling with people getting out on their boats, the lake was glistening, the sailboats were out racing, and kayakers were making their way along the shoreline.

Before you go up for your ride, the team will ask you if at any point you want to touch the water - whether that's just your feet, up to your waist, or a full dunk. We realized half way through that we never specified, and we got dunked pretty hard! But it was all good fun.

You gotta try it!If you haven't done it, live a little!

Parasailing was a great way to diversify spending some time on the lake and taking in the beautiful views that Lake Okanagan has to offer. 

It is also a unique way to show someone new to town what the city looks like, or entertain guests visiting who want to see the lake but not necessarily getting right in the water.

Want to try it for yourself? Get in touch with the great team at Ogopogo Parasail at the Downtown Kelowna waterfront at Kerry Park, where you can book solo, tandem or even three person sails!

Kaz's 🌵🍉💛✨Okanagan Bucket List

☑   Helicopter to a snowy peak

  Snowmobiling in the Graystokes

☑   Parasail over lake Okanagan

□  Visit the Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm

□  Visit Kangaroo Creek Farm

   Attend a Table for 1200 event

I can't wait to head out on my next adventure! Any ideas what I should experience next? Leave me a comment!